Retro Video Club



Craig Charles Funk & Soul Club

Friday 11th February

Armed with new songs, Retro Video Club finally sound like a band equipped to play the biggest of stages. “We were aiming for the sky, production wise. We've always been proud of our live show and we really do want as much of that to come across in the recording as possible. When you’re writing songs, part of you is always thinking ‘this bit will be so good live’.” With even more to come later this year, the band are determined to push things as far as possible.

Instead of celebrating every triumph, Retro Video Club have always been focused on how to do better. How to achieve more. How to reach more people. This new chapter of the band sees them less talk, more action. They know things are only just getting started though.

Retro Video Club play at The Middlesbrough Empire as part of the Dead Rebel Club night on Friday 11th February with support from Plastic Glass.

Doors 9pm // Pay On The Door

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