Featuring The Lunatics Circus

Sunday 31st October '21

Halloween at the Middlesbrough Empire

Featuring The Lunatics Circus

Sunday 31st October

The Biggest, Bloodsuckingly Beautiful Hallows Eve Ball in the (under) World with the infamous Lunatics Circus, death-defying antics and a supporting cast of freaks and uniques….
Dr Devilish, Fire Artists, Juggling Wizardry, Lil' Lady Lucifer, The Satanic Sisters, Phantom Mind Readers, Devils Club, Eye-popping Stage Sets, Stilt Walkers and your beautiful souls. Plus, bloody cocktails and a deadly dose of big-on-the-beat pop and dance from Tangerine, plus...Indie, alt, guilty pleasures and any beat, any hit, any treasure in Devils Club and more 'unexpected' frights and delights in store ;-)

Cash Prize for the Best Costume & A Coffin-Load of Prizes for the Creepiest, Freakiest Dress-up capers!**

18+ / 9pm

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